SMART Food cluster




Cluster coordinator:

Lithuanian Food Exporters Association (LitMEA)

Cluster establishment year:



Brief description of the cluster’s activities:

A cluster consists of food industry companies representing individual industry sectors in domestic and foreign markets, not acting like direct competitors to one another, and creating possibilities for mutual trust and cooperation.

Mission - to help cluster members to enhance competitiveness in foreign markets, bringing together the capabilities of the companies, competencies and contacts.

The cooperation priorities of the cluster’s members:

- Full cooperation participating in the exhibitions abroad, providing with information and other assistance to each other;

- Cooperation with Lithuanian institutions, supervising the food sector export issues;

- Participation in joint export promotion projects with other associates and business structures;

- Co-operation in finding new partners in foreign markets, exchange of mutually beneficial information;

- Joint marketing tools and common dissemination of information about the cluster members, focused on targeted partner search;

- Cooperation for development of functional, innovative food products and beverages, the presence of corporate technologists and research institutions.

The cluster members are interested in target partners:

1. Food and beverage wholesalers, who want to represent the members of the Association of export markets;

 2. Food retailers, suppliers and manufacturers for their networks;

3. The Hotel, Restaurant and Catering (HoReCa) representatives;

4. Food producers are looking for cooperation opportunities with other manufacturers of similar products;

5. Association and other business structures, linking the activities of companies engaged in similar or linking traders.

6. Other companies and individuals with the mutually beneficial cooperation proposals.


Cluster members/enterprise name:

  • Lithuanian Food Exporters Association (LitMEA
  • JSC “Boslita” ir Ko
  • PC Wolf Engelma
  • JSC Danvita"
  • JSC "Ūkininko rojus"
  • JSC "Biržų duona"
  • JSC "Rūta"
  • JSC "Švenčionių vaistažolės"


Success stories

On 20-23 March 2013, the International Travel & Tourism Exhibition MITT 2013 took place in Moscow. At the exhibition, great attention was paid to the popularisation of medical tourism. It was attended by Germans, Swiss, Finns, Bulgarians, Slovenes, Czechs, Italians, our neighbours Poles, and regular participants – Israeli medical establishments....

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